Record high quality, multi-party audio and video. Right in your browser.

When you need really high-quality interviews, Skype and Google Hangouts just don’t cut it. Drop-outs, pixelation and low bitrates: we’ve all been there. Fireside solves this by using your guests’ browsers to record their audio and video, at native quality.


How does it work?

  1. Create an interview room.

    No need to sign up. Just click the button above to start a new room, and decide whether you’re doing a video or audio interview.

  2. Invite your guests.

    We can email all your guests with an invite link and instructions, or you can send the link yourself. Up to 3 guests are currently supported.

  3. Record your conversation.

    Once your guests have joined the room, hit start whenever you’re ready. Before you start you can check they have enough space and that they’re ready to go.

  4. Download the high-quality files.

    The guests’ recordings automatically upload to our server, where you can download them all. Don’t worry if a guest’s connection is shaky - the upload will resume automatically even if it goes down.


We need your help!

Fireside is a Free Software project. We use the power of open code and protocols to make the magic happen. If you'd like to get involved, check us out on GitHub!

Even if you don’t code, we still need your help to bring out useful new features quickly and effectively. Support us on Patreon, and get access to the latest developments, support, our Slack channel, and more.

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